AdrianMartinus Design is the Calgary, Alberta based

studio/workshop of brothers Adrian and Martinus Pool. Working primarily with rescued 

and reclaimed wood, the duo creates unique furniture designs, interior installations, and 

creative objects. Their work can be found in private homes, retail spaces, creative 

studios, and corporate environments.


The Pool Brothers' Story

Growing up on the Canadian Prairies – on an acreage outside Red Deer, Alberta –

woodworking has always been a Pool family affair, as their grandfather was a seasoned 

wood turner. In spending time by his side as children (while Grampa worked on 

projects), they gained early exposure to the creative potential of wood and the 

intoxicating smell of wood being cut.

After a neighbour’s son built a skateboarding ramp, their skateboard and carpentry 

obsessions merged and grew. They couldn’t bear to see the beautiful laminated wood 

of damaged skateboards simply discarded; and as carpenters they were troubled by 

witnessing so much quality wood being discarded as construction waste. By 2014, they 

had formed their own company to focus on designing with rescued and reclaimed 


Martinus attended film school before pursuing carpentry, bringing his keen eye for 

aesthetics and a creative perspective to each piece. Coupled with brother Adrian’s 

insatiable appetite for precision and endless gumption, their furniture designs reflect 

both a refined sense of artistry and a commitment to quality craftsmanship.


Design Philosophy: "Modern Sustainability"

Adrian and Martinus believe that rescued and reclaimed wood furniture can be 

sustainable, modern, well-designed, and of the highest quality. Whether they are 

working with aged barn boards, recycled gymnasium flooring or broken skateboards, 

they embrace the limitations of the material and develop innovative techniques to find 

the unique potential in their materials.

For example, skateboards are made of seven dyed maple veneers and every 

skateboard manufacturer has slightly different shapes, contours and colours for their 

finished boards. The inconsistencies, variation in condition, and very limited supply of 

this material encouraged the brothers to develop (beginning their R&D in 2011) a unique 

design and build process in which every part of the skateboard is used – from the 

surface griptape to the sawdust remains.

For the brothers, every furniture piece has a depth and personal connection. They've 

collected the wood materials from a variety of sources, built up the smaller cuts and 

pieces into workable forms, and considered every contrasting grain and pronounced 

element. Manipulating line, colour, structure and form results in their unique and

multilayered design style. The emerging graphical forms in their furniture designs 

suggest influences from modernism and cubism. 

Community-building is also an important influence on their approach to design, with the 

brothers regularly connecting with other designers and craftspeople through local 

design collectives, a well as ongoing networking with skateboard retailers, builders, 

farmers and renovators to maintain their supply of unique and storied material. While 

Adrian Martinus Custom Woodworking is a relatively young firm in the furniture 

design industry, the evolution of their work has demonstrated a constant progression 

and demand for their designs is steadily growing.


Est. 2012